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  Global Matching Project

The Global Matching Project is the division of the free and open source People Matching Project that helps users find the person with the most similar personality to them in all the world (or as close as possible). The Global Match Project uses a carefully designed personality survey that is based on what is probably the most detailed research ever conducted on what aspects of personality are important for determining if two people have the potential to be best friends (see research.peoplematching.org). Users are matched without regard to location or any demographic factors (though all users must speak English). Due to gender differences in personality it is most likely that you will be matched to a person of the same gender, so do not try to use this as a dating website! It won't work very well as one.

The process is quite simple and streamline. Just enter your email address below and complete the survey you get emailed. Then on the next matching day you will get emailed your best fit match. There are currently 5332 people registered for this round, matching day will happen when at least 2,500 people are registered for the round.


Reccomendation: Use an email alias service like 33mail.com to protect your privacy. However, please do not use a disposable email. It needs to be something you will check regularly.

Email address:

If you have already registered for this matching round, but wish to withdraw or modify your submission, click here.